Upon receipt of new cargo bike

– Important to remember when you receive your cargo bike

All our bicycles are collected in Veksø (Denmark) at our own assembly plant. Then they are tested to make sure everything is as it should be. The bicycle is subsequently transported directly to the customer or an agreed collection point. Unfortunately, damage can occur along the way. A problem we sometimes experience is that bolts / screws loosen after being shaken through during long transport. Fortunately, it is easy to fix just by retightening the bike. When you receive your cargo bike, it is important to check the bike to see if everything is as it should be:

The condition of the bike:

– Are there any injuries? Errors and deficiencies must be reported immediately to Amcargobikes at info@amladcykler.dk
– Is there anything that has been loosened / needs to be retightened?

Write down important numbers:

– Frame number: We do not store chassis numbers on customers’ bicycles. It is important that you write this down, in case the bike should be stolen.
– Locks: Write the number of any. purchased locks down. It is important if you lose the keys.
– Keep your receipt. The order number must be used for any complaint.

Get to know the bike:

– If you have never ridden a cargo bike before, we recommend that you test drive the bike in a safe area without traffic.
– Is your bike with electricity, it is important to be aware of the forces that are in such a bike. It is both faster and heavier than a regular bike.
– Check if the brakes are working properly.