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Cargo bike accessories

It’s the little things that count when choosing the right cargo bike accessories. We know this at Amcargobikes, which is why we want to make it extra comfortable for you to cycle with and without children in the barn. We have large selection of accessories for your cargo bike and adult bike accessories here. We have carefully selected our range of cargo bike accessories based on what we believe to be the most important and best cargo bike accessories.

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When you buy a new cargobike from us, there will be different accessories from the many models that are included in the package. All our electric cargobikes are fully assembled when delivered with all the necessary equipment that may be required. In addition, you can always find accessories such as gadgets, extra luxury items ect. for your cargobike. Depending on whether you have a senior cargobike, the specially designed cargobike for many kids, the cargobike with the dog ladder or the Long John model, you can find additional equipment that matches your bike and your needs.

We want to make it extra enjoyable for you to ride with your cargobike, with and without children or dogs in the barn. You can, for example, get a sunshade for your child, lambskin or luxury pillows that your child can sit on. Different accessories to make it extra comfortable to be transported around in a cargobike - and of course we have a coffee cup holder for you!

If you want extra safety, we have special safety-approved chain locks and you can also get a tracker that you can attach to the cargobike so that you will always know where your bike is. For personal safety, you can get helmets for your children. We have bicycle helmets of all sizes, from 3 months old babies to adults.

If you are driving with babies, they should be in a baby chair and children between 1-2 years may benefit from a 3-point seat and preferably one with seat pads and possibly a pillow for the numb.

Our accessories are selected to improve your everyday life and experience with your bike. At Amcargobike we have specially selected the accessories you will find on our website. We have chosen the one that suits you best if you have one or if you consider buying a model with us, but the accessories can also be used easily if you have a model from another supplier.

We strive to offer you good quality at a cheap price, so most people will find that the accessories you buy from us are significantly cheaper than your local bicycle dealer. The reason is simple as when you buy from us directly you buy from the manufacturer. This ensures you great prices to all the accessories you buy from us.

Our recommendation to you who consider to buy a cargobike, is that you should buy a good and safe insurance-approved lock with you and preferably a chain lock, as it's hard to break. Lock your bike to a lamp, a tree, or other, it makes it harder for a potential thiefs to steal your cargobike. We can recommend a chain lock that is 140 cm long or above, because the length of the chain lock is an important practical plus when buying a good chain lock. The chain lock is also long enough to place it around your handle when not using it. In addition to a good chain lock, many choose to complement with a good back lock for added security or to make it easier to lock quickly when you need to lock your cargobike somewhere you feel comfortable. Next, it is important to think about the driver. If you are more than one person driving your cargobike, you can get a quick-release to quickly adjust the heights of the saddle so that it fits your needs.

Last, you should always think about treating your cargobike properly through oil and like a garage to place it under if you do not have other options. Always call and ask for advice if you are in doubt.