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Cargo bike spare parts

When your cargo bike has traveled a number of kilometres, it wears out naturally. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. For this situation, we at Amcargobikes have ensured that you can always buy cargo bike spare parts for our many models or for other brands of cargo bikes and of course also older models. When you buy cargo bike spare parts, it is important that the quality is in order. We have carefully selected our range of cargo bike spare parts to ensure that the quality high.

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Spare Parts


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Spare Parts

Bottom Bracket

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Spare parts

When your cargobike has driven for a long time, it is naturally worn and this is unfortunately unavoidable. For this purpose, we at Amcargobikes have ensured that you always are able to buy spare parts to our many new models, of course, also older models when the accident is out. We can supplement with many parts to other models from other manufacturers, as unfortunately we find that the parts can often be almost impossible to obtain or extremely expensive otherwise.

To get a spare part for your cargobike can be crucial for the life of your bike and it is therefore natural for us to store the important spare parts. We create security for you by constantly updating the necessary spare parts and creating good contacts with manufacturers so that we can have the necessary spare parts ready for you when you need them. We guarantee your bike today and of course for posterity. At Amcargobikes, we send fresh spare parts to you exactly when you need them and whatever you need. If you do not find your spare part at our webshop, you are welcome to write to

Amcargobikes have a Danish assembly place, where we have professionals to handle our spare parts. It's a very natural part of our business to have good spare parts when you need them. Whether it's just a pair of spikes or a screen for your bike. We take the spare part along with our latest bicycle production, so that the spare parts are always brand new if you have a newer model. If you have a cargobike of an older model that requires a spare part, we will also do this for you. We help you make your cargobike ride for many years to come, regardless of model and age.

If you need help adjusting or attaching your spare part, we will be happy to assist you.