Bicycle batteries


Clear and reliable bike batteries are crucial for today’s modern cycling, especially in the case of electric bikes, where performance heavily relies on the battery’s capacity and reliability. At Amcargobikes, we prioritize offering a comprehensive range of high-quality bike batteries that meet our stringent quality standards and ensure a smooth and dependable riding experience for our customers.


Our collection of bike batteries is carefully curated with a focus on long-term durability and reliability. It includes batteries for cargo bikes and regular bikes, catering to a variety of models, including our own electric bikes as well as several other types available in the market. We place great emphasis on the quality of the batteries, ensuring they meet stringent CE certification requirements. See our full assortment of Bicycle batteries here. Assortment.

Battery 36V - 13ah Li-ion - Ultimate Curve Amladcykler


One of the distinctive features of our batteries is the impressive warranty we provide. This warranty is a clear testament to our complete confidence in the quality of the battery cells. We exclusively utilize brand-name battery cells from reliable manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sanik, and similar, ensuring reliability and extended lifespan for our batteries.


Our commitment to providing high-quality and dependable bike batteries has solidified our position as one of Sweden’s leading retailers in the field. We engage directly with leading battery manufacturers to ensure our customers always have access to brand-new batteries of the highest quality at the most competitive market prices.

Battery 36V – 14 Ah Li-ion Amcargobikes


Whether you’re a daily commuting cyclist, an avid biking enthusiast, or utilize your bike for professional purposes, our goal remains the same: to offer reliable, durable, and efficient batteries that cater to your specific needs. At Amladcykler, we are experts in bike batteries and consistently strive to ensure the best possible biking experience for our customers. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted bike battery supplier, where quality and reliability are our watchwords.

See our full assortment of Bicycle batteries here. Assortment.