Electric Cargo Bike – Dog

1.499,95 £

Model: “Dog”

Many customers need a bike where the front has been rebuilt to a ramp that can be folded down. For example, be in transit lawn mowers or other smaller machines. Or, your dog can get easy up and out of the cargo bike. On this model we have mounted hinges at the bottom of the front and close-fitting top of the front plate.

Accessories (included):

  1. Removable kaleche system with transparent panorama kaleche
  2. Raincover
  3. High-quality front- and rear fenders
  4. Luggage rack with straps
  5. Chain cover
  6. Bell
  7. Powerful LED light, front and back
  8. Safety belt for 2 children (Y safety belt)
  9. Children’s bench for 2 children