Our specially designed cargo bikes are a natural part of what we offer – both as a “standard special design” or specially designed and designed to suit your needs. We build, for example, ramps for dogs, cramps for craftsmen and cleaning machines, children’s benches, safety equipment for highchairs, stalls and more. Get inspiration from our catalog, which you can download or call us directly with your wishes, so we can offer you a price suggestion. Delivery time is usually 2-4 business days.

Many customers need a cargo bike, where the front part can be transformed into a collapsible ramp. For example, to transport lawn mowers or other small machines, or your dog can easily walk up and out of the bike.

Here is a small selection of the many custom designs available to suit your needs …

Price example of some of our special designs:

1,072.95 £
1,137.95 £
1,681.95 £2,276.95 £
1,854.95 £2,449.95 £
1,909.95 £2,504.95 £
1,840.95 £2,435.95 £
1,887.95 £2,482.95 £

Download catalogue with more designs