Take good care of your cargo bike

– What do you need to remember when you get your cargo bike?

Once you have received your bicycle and taken it into use, it is important that you adhere to service inspection and maintenance. Primarily to ensure that you have a well-functioning bike for many years to come. But also to ensure that warranty and right of complaint can be met.


– We recommend that all our bikes come to the 1st service after riding 12 miles, and at the latest before it has ridden 62 miles. This is SUPER IMPORTANT, as brakes and gears give way after the bike is put into use. This can not be avoided on new bikes. It is important that the parts are retightened so that they are not skewed and damaged. If service is not complied with, the right of complaint is waived.
– After the first service, we recommend that the bike is serviced after every 310 miles. This increases driving pleasure and the life of your bike. In exactly the same way as a car is sent for service, to ensure that functionality and safety are top notch.

Avoid theft:

– Make sure you have control over the insurance. Is your bike covered? Be aware that some insurances have amount limits on bike coverage.
– Note that the insurance does not cover if an insurance-approved lock is not used!

Protection and care:

– Depending on where your bike is when not in use, it needs to be protected from wind and weather. Especially in the winter months, protection is important. See more options here: Cargo bike – Wintercare.
– Your bike needs regular cleaning, lubrication, check of electrical parts. See a complete guide here: Maintaining your bike.


– Did we say that it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you adhere service on your bike? 🙂

Enjoy your cargo bike!

See also Before Purchase and Upon Receipt.

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