Use the Canopy for your cargo bike correctly 

Our canopy is designed to keep rainwater out on regular cycling trips in the rain, fog and snow. The fabric on the canopy is made to keep water out on a normal trip, and generally will not have challenges with water entering.

The canopy is designed to be worn before the bike ride, and then removed when you finish the bike ride. So that the lime can dry before the next rainstorm, just like a rain jacket.

It is advantageous to impregnate the canopy continuously to increase the life of it, impregnation for products can be purchased in all most every supermarket, as well as shoe stores. The canopy is treated when new, but this treatment wears off naturally due to wind, water and sun.

Note that all zippers must be closed before applying the canopy, then the access ways can be opened.

Some of our customers choose to use their canopy for more permanent protection of their cargo bike or leave it for longer than the bike ride. If you choose to do this, the canopy will need to be replaced far more often. Also note that the elastics are made of rubber, so you should also expect them to be replaced continuously.

See our canopy’s here.

However, our recommendation is to use a cargo bike garage for more permanent protection of the entire bike.

See our garages here.

Is your canopy broken?

You have, of course, 2-year warranty on your cargo bicycle, but on moving parts such as canopy zippers, canopy elastic, tires, chain, brake pads, this right by law is different.

These are wearing parts that are used and worn every day, therefore it is not covered by the same rights.

Also, always remember to complain immediately after a damaged of the part otherwise the warranty will not be maintained.

However, at Amcargobikes we provide extra-long complaint time. We therefore replace defective canopies until 3 months after the purchase (from the date of purchase to the date of receipt of the canopy), in the case of moving parts that have been broken. The complaint itself is only assessed when we have the canopy in hand, as in all other stores.

Claim if the canopy is under 3 months old

If your canopy is under 3 months old (Invoice date for receipt date at Amcargobikes), the canopy will be either repaired (most often) or replaced for a new one after testing by Amcargobikes. However, this only applies if there are signs of production failure and no visible signs of damage after improper use /
external damage etc. Note that swapping can take up to 5 to 15 business days.

Send the canopy plus the below points: 

o Copy of the invoice
o Clear sender address incl. e-mail and telephone number
o Description of defective cause

to the goods receipt at:
Amladcykler/ Amcargobikes
Steen Blichers Vej 20,
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

We then check the damage and assess whether the canopy can be repaired (most often) or whether it should be replaced with a new canopy. We will send the repaired voucher or a new return.

Claims on canopies older than 3 months

Unfortunately, in the period after 3 months from purchase, we do not offer repair or replacement of the canopy. Often, however, oneself can remedy any. damage by simply sew or go to the local sewing room to help with the remedy or replace a zipper, for very small amounts.