The advantage of electric cargo bikes

The advantage of electric cargo bikes.

Although bicycles are generally considered a means of transport for people, today you can also acquire electric cargo bikes, which are suitable for transporting children or goods. The cargo bikes can transport children, heavy luggage or goods that are difficult to transport with ordinary bikes or cars. One of the most popular electric cargo bikes on the market today is the electric cargo bike Deluxe from Amladcykler, read here: Deluxe

The electric cargo bike Deluxe is designed to transport heavy loads over long distances with minimal effort. It has a powerful 250W motor that can handle up to 40 km on a full battery charge. And with its powerful hydraulic brakes, you always have full control over the bike while driving and stopping.

Deluxe Amcargobikes

Another important feature of the Deluxe is that it comes with anti-puncture tyres. So, you don’t have to worry about punctures while driving. This makes the electric cargo bike perfect for business trips or family outings.

The model is solidly built and can handle heavy loads of up to 150 kg. This means that you can transport large objects such as furniture, bicycles, or even a nursery full of children, without any problems.

If you are looking for a reliable electric cargo bike, the Deluxe is a good choice. With its durable design, excellent performance, and multiple functions, it is the good choice for anyone who wants a practical, reliable and easy way to transport goods.

Please see our guide to choosing a cargo bike before you decide on the model you should buy, here you can also read about the advantages of electric cargo bikes: Which-cargo-bike-to-buy/

Order the electric bike today directly here Deluxe and enjoy all its functionality and car-like brakes on your next ride.

A little extra reading about the Deluxe model:

If you want the ultimate electric cargo bike, our Deluxe Electric Cargo Bike is the right choice. With the TEKTRO’s / BENGAL’s hydraulic front brake system, you get much less maintenance and a get a world-known brake system that automatically minimizes your use of hand forces when using the brake handles. With our deluxe model, you also get 3 strong anti-puncture tires included, avoiding the hassle of punctures. Quality bike with a powerful engine that can handle up to 40 km. on a full charge (also in winter). The bike has an easy and user-friendly operating display, which everyone will be familiar with in seconds.

Accessories (included):

  1. Removable canopy system with transparent panorama canopy and entrance from the sides
  2. High-quality front- and rear fenders
  3. Luggage rack with straps
  4. Chain cover
  5. Bell and several reflectors
  6. 2 x Powerful LED headlights and 1 x rear light
  7. Safety belt for 4 children (Y safety belt)
  8. Children’s bench for 4 children
  9. Step board for children