Record high petrol prices


Gasoline prices again hit a new record high on sunday, as the average price per liter rose to 1.63 £. The price for a liter of diesel was 1.73 £. This latest increase comes days after petrol prices rose to over 2£ per liter in London and reached 1.55 £ in the UK last monday, march 7th.

The current world situation has given prices a notch upwards. It can be felt on the economy for those who drive a lot. Both for the individual commuter, but also for commercial driving.

The uncertainty also creates irregularities in the normal operation of the service stations. In a town in the UK, it was seen this weekend that it was more than a pound cheaper to fill a tank on one side of the road than on the other side at another petrol station. They usually match each other, but here one could see an almost deserted station next to one queue that would refuel the other. Fortunately, prices are expected to stabilize this week. But it will still be expensive to refuel the car.

At Amcargobikes we unfortunately do not have an impact on the world situation or on rising petrol and diesel prices.

But we have a large selection of cargo bikes that for many will be able to replace the car. For example our Ultimate Curve and our Ultimate Harmony have a range of 60 km. So there is ample opportunity to get around. Both for institutions, work and procurement. If your need is not so great, then of course we also have a cargo bike without electricity. No matter what your needs are, both the purchase price and operating costs are far below what it costs to have a car. Many people choose to have the cargo bike as car no. 2, but if petrol prices continue to rise, it will probably in more and more cases be the primary means of transport.


Our point is illustrated quite nicely in this picture, which we borrowed from Daniel Moser, who tweets for EastCambsCAN: