Harness for Cargo Bike – Three Point Belt (H-model)

23.10 £

3-point harness or your cargo bike – 1 pcs.

Cargo bike harness – 1 piece robust 3-point harness in black for those who want maximum safety and comfort for your children. The harness fits all our bike models and is easily mounted using a few screws.

Note, the cargo bike harness is also suitable for cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes from: Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Nemjem, StoreX, Cargobike.se, Barner Bikes, Gyldholm, Cargo9000 and many more.

See our harness – 2 point (V model): https://amcargobikes.co.uk/product/two-point-belt/

Loose bolts and nuts – for Harness mounting can be bought her: Bolts and nuts