49.95 £

Sunroof for your Cargo Bike

Sunroof for your cargo bike which protects your passengers from the sun while stil being able to see the nice view. The sunroof for cargo bikes is handy for eg. sleeping children or if you just want to protect them extra from the rays of the sun. The sunroof is easy to put on, it is simply pulled over the cover arches. See the link to for arches below. In addition, the sunroof can easily be folded, without taking up too much space.

The sunroof fits both our Classic Cargo bike and Electric Cargo Bikes.

Note, the sunroof does not fit our Electric model, Ultimate Curve and Ultimate Harmony.

The sunroof also fits cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes from: Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Nemjem, StoreX,, Barner Bikes, Gyldholm, Cargo9000 and many more.

See our Cover Arches for electric model:

See our Cover Arches for classic cargo bike: