Bench with storage box

99,95 £

Bench with storage box

This bench is a strong and practical solution for those who want the opportunity to ride both with children and adults in their cargo bike. This bench is strong enough for an adult to sit on it, and at the same time it has good storage facilities in the box underneath the seat. You can store everything from your bag, helmets, chain lock, etc. This bench comes with hinges to a padlock.

If you are going to ride a bike with children on the bench, remember to purchase our harnesses. We have 2 point (Y model) and 3 point (H model), see links below.

The bench can be made extra comfortable by purchasing a cushion that supports both back and seat, we have several different types, see links below. The cushion can be conveniently stored in the bench to keep it neat and clean.

Remember to purchase a padlock, when buying this bench:

Fits our Cargo Bike, Electric Cargo Bike and Electric Long John.

See our harness – 3 point (H model):

See our harness – 2 point (Y model):

See our Cushion Deluxe:

See our Cushion: