Side mirrors for your bike (both right & left incl.)

36,95 £

Side mirrors for your bike

Side mirrors for your bicycle. Practical exterior mirrors, perfect if you want to increase safety and always keep an eye on traffic from behind. Both right and left side mirrors and mounting kits are of course included in the price. With the side mirrors you get a much better overview of traffic, now you also have an overview of other cyclists, cars,  or pedestrians from behind.

The side mirrors are black and made of high quality plastic material that can last for many years in the harsh weather. They are very flexible in terms of mounting, tilting of the mirrors as well as location and can be used for all types of bicycles and models. A practical reflex is mounted on the back of the exterior mirror.

It is a universal exterior mirror that is suitable for all bicycle types etc.

The assembly requires just a few minutes.

Quality Level
The mirror is made of extremely robust and lightweight materials, which gives the mirror a low weight and at the same time good resistance to blows and pushes, among other things. The mirror is also very wide and functional, so you can be safe in traffic.

The mirror requires no special maintenance, but can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

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Note this charger does not fit other models.