Cushion – Deluxe

50.21 £

Cushion – Deluxe

Give your passengers the best comfort when you take them on a ride in your cargo bike with this Deluxe Cushion. This molded extra thick cushion is designed in Denmark for our cargo bikes and is fully washable with a plain cloth. The cushion has a crack in the middle to provide the ultimate support for both the seat and back. It is practical and made to fit the changeable weather, even at its worst! Buy any two cushions if you have double benches ie. for four children. You can also mix so you have one cushion and one lambskin rug. See our options by clicking the links below.

Also, remember to buy harnesses for the number of children you expect to ride in the bike. The belts increase safety while the cushions increase comfort. Together they make the perfect match for a great bike ride!

Deluxe cushion fit both our classic cargo bike and our electric cargo bikes. It also fits cargo bikes and electric bikes from: Christianiabikes, Nihola, Babooe, Bella Bike, Black Iron Horse, Boxbike, Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Nemjem, StoreX,, Barner Bikes, Gyldholm, Cargo9000 and many more.

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