Re-sending of old invoice

37.95 £

Re-sending of old invoice

Have you been unlucky and lost your purchase invoice? Then, in cooperation with our auditor, we offer the service of finding your old invoice.

Order and pay this product then you will receive a copy of your old invoice via your mail within app. 5 working days.

When ordering, however, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you in the order note, write as much information about the purchase as possible, as we use this to try to find your old invoice. For example:

Buyer’s name and surname at time of purchase
Order number if possible
Telephone number at the time of purchase
E-mail at the time of purchase
Purchased item and possibly accessories, date of purchase, approx. purchase amount, payment method (Card, bank transfer, cash etc.),
Has the purchased items has been delivered to you, or have you picked up in one of our store (which).