Mat for cargo bike bottom

36.50 £

Mat for cargo bike bottom

Place the mat in the bottom of the bike and prevent the floor from getting slippery in wet conditions. In addition, the mat also makes the bottom softer for children and animals. Besides to providing slip resistance, the mat also protects the bottom of your cargo bike and keeps the cargo bike nice and well maintained for even longer.

The mat fits all our bikes as it can be cut. If you have a storage room in the front, just cut the mat to fit.

Dimensions: Width: 85 cm Depth: 59 cm Height: 1.3 cm

Note: The matt is also suitable for cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes from: Christianiabikes, Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Boxbike, Nemjem, StoreX,, Barner Bikes, Gyldholm, Cargo9000 and many more.