Luxury garage – Complete Rain Cover (Waterproof)

97.50 £

Luxury Garage for Cargo Bikes

Luxury Garage incl. storage bag. This luxury garage protects and extends the life of your cargo bike. The garage can withstand all kinds of weather, and also protects both the bike and the hood from fading in color due to the sun’s rays. The garage comes incl. practical storage bag.

The luxury garage covers the entire cargo bike and protects it optimally so that it lasts for many years.

The garage is incl. UVA and UVB radiation protection and can be tightened at the bottom, so that your bike also retains its color optimally. The cargo bike garage protects against rain and dirt.

The garage is made of an extra strong material compared to our standard garage, and can be tightened with a string at the bottom, so that the bike is even more protected.

Colour Black

Note: Fits also cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes from: Christiania Bikes, Nihola, Bella Bike, Black Iron Horse, Boxbike, Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Nemjem, STOREX,, Cargo9000 and many more…