Harness Shoulder Pads – 3 pieces

15,95 £

Harness Shoulder Pads – 3 pieces

Shoulder cushion – 3 pcs. for harnesses in cargo bikes, strollers etc. Fits both 2- and 3-point harness solutions. Provides good support for the shoulder and stomach. Particularly suitable for smaller children up to three years old.

The harness cushions are made of durable washable material that is recommended for smaller children in the cargo bike, the Long John, the stroller, or the car seat harness, so that the child avoids the sharp edges of the nylon edges.

Note, also suitable for other cargo bikes and electric cargo bike harness solutions from: Cykelbanditten, Cargokid, Nemjem, StoreX, Cargobike.se, Barner Bikes, Gyldholm, Cargo9000 and stroller and many more.

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