Folding Bench / Seat for Cargo Bikes

43.65 £

Folding Bench / Seat for Cargo Bikes

For those of you who use your cargo bike for many different purposes, our folding bench is perfect. It is super practical as you both have a bench for the children, but at the same time, you can easily fold it up and thus use the whole box space. The folding bench can carry two children at a  total weight, approx. 50 kg. and is therefore not intended for adults.

Remember to buy harnesses so that the children sit safely and comfortably on the bench. We have both 2 point (Y model) and 3 point (H model), see links below.

The bench can be made extra comfortable by purchasing a cushion that supports both back and seat, we have several different types, see links below.

Available for our Cargo Bike (max. 1 piece), Electric Cargo Bike (max. 2 pieces) and Electric Long John (max. 2 pieces).

The mounts can also be supplied as loose parts for self-assembly.

See our harness – 3 point (H model):

See our harness – 2 point (Y model):

See our Cushion Deluxe:

See our Cushion:


Please note that this requires a 100% collection of your bike otherwise we deliver as a loose parts for self-assembly.