Display for Electric Cargo Bike – 36 V – (Older Models from Before 2014) – 6 pins

61,95 £

User-friendly display designed for rainy and cold weather and fits all electric Cargo bike models before 2014 and earlier and is easy to replace. Mounted on the handlebar.

You choose one between six levels and also an automatic level. The engine then adjusts its performance and top speed.

The display is suitable for electric Cargo bikes and electric bikes etc. with DAPU system & 6 pins. Check if necessary the number of pins by connecting the cable 10 cm from the rear wheel. If you have a 9 pin model, simply choose another display at our webshop.

The 6 pin display also comes with blue buttons.

This display is suitable for both the 24 volt and 36 volt electric motors from DAPU.