Dog opening / Front opening

147.00 £

Front opening – perfect for dogs

An opening in the front is convenient, especially if you have the need to ride with a dog or maybe a machine or other heavy equipment. The opening is a convenient entry point with easy opening / closing.

The front door can be closed at the sides and comes with edge liste so the door is not scratched.

If the cargo bike is to be used to transport dogs, we recommend that you purchase our dog leash mount, so that you can easily and securely attach the dog leash to your cargo bike.

The dog leash mount can be added to our standard Cargo Bike as well as Electric Cargo Bikes.

The front opening is also convenient for children, as it is very easy for them to get in and out by themselves.

The front opening comes in two versions, one as a ramp the second version as a “door”, opening on the side. Select your option bellow.

Also available as loose parts for self-assembly.