Display “DELUXE” for Electric model – 36V – (newer models) – 9 pins

84,95 £

Display “DELUXE”

The “Deluxe” display is a user-friendly display designed for the Nordic weather, fits all our Electric models from approx. 2014 onwards and is easy to replace. The display is mounted on the handlebar.

This “Deluxe” model is extra powerful with an aluminum frame, as well as double mounting arms and a separate button module.

You easily choose between the 6-level assistance and an automatic level. The engine then adjusts performance and top speed.

The display fits electric bikes and electric cargo bikes with DAPU system with 9 pins. If necessary, check the number of pins by removing the cord 10 cm. from the rear wheel. If you have a 6-pin model, then you just must choose this in our web shop.

The serial number on the back of the display starts with the letters: LCDI or C600

Note also fits: Cykelbanditten, Cargo9000, Boxbike, Green bike, Icykel and Cargokid electric cargo bikes etc.

This display fits 36-volt electric motors from DAPU

See our regular 9-pin display here: https://amcargobikes.co.uk/product/display-for-electric-cargo-bikes/