Charger 36V for Electric Cargo Bike

57.95 £

Charger 36V for Electric Cargo Bike

Looking for a high-quality adapter/charger for your electrical cargo bike?

Look no further! Our charger is both CE, GS, and TUV approved, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Designed to fit all our electrical cargo bikes, this intelligent charger automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged, preventing overcharging and prolonging the battery life.

With this adapter/charger, you can rest assured that your electrical cargo bike will always be ready to go when you are. Whether you’re running errands, commuting to work, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, our charger ensures that your bike’s battery is always fully charged and ready to take on whatever the road brings.

Invest in our high-quality charger/adapter today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical cargo bike is always powered up and ready to go.

Note that it also fits to electric cargo bikes from: Evobike, Galaxybike, Orion, Cargo bike of Sweden ,, Hemfint, GrandSand, Cargokid, Wildenburg, Cykelbanditten, Boxbike Deluxe, Cargo, Cargo9000, T-Hansen / X-Zite E-go, Cargo-e, Cphbike, Dall´s Bikes, Getgadget, Nemjem, Ebsen, Cangoo, Jensen Cargobike (før 2016), Icykel and many other electrical cargobike. Bike systems: E-fly, Move Easy, Bafang og Ansmann also uses this charger.