Charger 36V for Ultimate Curve & Harmony

69,95 £

Charger 36V for Ultimate Curve & Harmony

Charger 36V for Ultimate Curve & Harmony Electric Cargo Bike

Charger 36V for Ultimate Curve & Harmony . This high quality original Charger – 36 V has both CE, GS & TÜV approval and fits our electric model, Ultimate Curve.

The charger is an intelligent charger and stops charging automatically, when the battery is fully charged. There is a clear charge indicator lamp and a 100% charged indicator lamp.

We always recommend buying an original charger as an unoriginal charger may wear unnecessarily or damage the battery.

See battery for Ultimate Curve & Harmony here:

Always buy a good charger. Buying the right charger for your electric cargo bike is very important. There are a lot of cheap and very bad chargers on the market, unfortunately. Often with questionable CE approval marks. Always buy high quality chargers from a good supplier. A high quality charger also lasts for several years. At the same time, you are always sure that there is no risk of power failure or short circuits. The good charger will also ensure that your battery will last its maximum life. Always charge at the correct voltage and without any fault in the power supply.

Note this charger does not fit other models.