Canopy for Electric Bakfiets

81,10 £

Canopy for Bakfiets

Canopy for Bakfiets. This high quality Bakfiets canopy is made of a highly durable material with good strong zipper sides. The Bakfiets canopy is 100% waterproof, so that no rain enters the passenger when riding. The design itself is designed so that there are entrances from both sides and that these can be rolled up. In addition, the see through windows allow for safe and comfortable view for both passengers and driver.

We recently upgraded our canopy to a model with extra-thick fabric and zippers to ensure that the canopy lasts longer than the thinner canopy models. When choosing a canopy, you should be very careful to get one of a high quality and thick fabric and with extra good zippers like this model, as you otherwise have to change the canopy far more often.

The canopy fits our Electric Bakfiets model.

Note also fits Bakfiets models from: Cph bike, Getgadet and many more.

Note that the canopy is made to wear in case of normal rain on the way home from day-care, family or such (like a rain jacket you put on and take off again) and are subsequently removed ie. it is not intended to be permanently placed on the cargo bike. For this a garage is used, see it here: