Bike wash – Bicycle wash – 1L

14.95 £

Bike wash – Bicycle wash – 1L.

Are you a cyclist / rider i.a. because you want to protect the environment, this is the perfect product; With their Eco Range series, PURE has made care products for the cargo bike and other bikes. Eco Range are 100% biodegradable in a high quality, good for the bike and the environment.

This bicycle wash is perfect for washing all types of bicycles. It can be used on chain, cables, gears and all other moving parts. 100% acid free.

The soap is applied to the bike and works for 30 seconds. Then you can brush and rinse with water. It comes in a 1 liter spray bottle that makes application easy. The bottle is made of PET plastic, which is the easiest plastic to recycle. All cardboard is made from recycled paper.