Bike alarm from ABUS (Alarmbox)

74,95 £

Bike alarm from ABUS in top class

Bike alarm form ABUS, alarm box is a must for you, if you want to secure your belongings against theft or vandalism, in a simple way. With up to 100 dB, this alarm is enough to scare most thieves away. The alarm is easy to operate with a single button and a key, when the alarm is to be turned off.

Whether you want to secure your cargo bike, the stroller in the backyard or the expensive grill in the garden, this alarm is perfect. With the alarm box from ABUS, you are on the safe side. The alarm is intelligent and gives a short warning signal when there is movement or other activity. The alarm only goes off correctly if the movements or activity around it continues. Thus, it scares the thieves away and does not bother others by going off unnecessarily.

Brackets for mounting is included.

Colour: Black

Keys: 2 pcs. included

Always remember to use an insurance-approved lock on your cargo bike, see our favorite here: