Battery 36V – 13ah Li-ion – Ultimate Curve

459,00 £

Battery 36V – 13ah Li-ion – Ultimate Curve – 36V – 13ah Li-on – 468WH

Electric bicycle – Ultimate Curve battery of high quality 36V – 13ah Lithium battery with CE approval fits our Ultimate Curve model as well as other electric cargo bikes. Amcargobikes offers an extraordinary full 6 month extraordinary battery warranty, in addition to the 2 years warranty. The guarantee is an expression of our high quality level of battery cells. Unfortunately, most battery providers do not offer a guarantee, due to the low quality level in the battery cells. Samsung, LG, Sanik or similar. Expect a battery life of approx. 600 – 900 charges.

The battery provides up to 60 km of riding on a full charge. However, everything may vary depending on the manufacturer of the electric cargo bike as well as the condition of the bike.

Feature: Built-in taillight and brake lights that turn on when you brake.

Original adapter / charger not included.

The battery also fits:

Mustang Family Electric Cargo Bikes from Coop / Kvickly / Superbrugsen.