ABUS Insurance Approved Chain Lock (Extreme) – 140 centimeters

194.95 £

ABUS Insurance Approved Chain Lock (Extreme) – 140 centimeters

The absolute top model of chain locks from ABUS, in 140 cm with the highest safety level (version: EXTREME). With a newly developed cylinder, as well as new durable and flexible coating, which protects the bike from scratches, from the heavy chain. With this smart chain lock, you minimize the risk of theft if you, for example lock your cargo bike or regular bike close to a fixed object such as a lamppost or fence. The chain is practical and flexible so it can be easily wrapped and taken with you or stored in the box of your cargo bike.

The key has a smart little LED light, so the lock is always convenient and easy to use.

Security Level 15

The German manufacturer ABUS has specialized in security and padlocks since 1924, ensuring that the quality is top notch. The model is good long and practical for the use of cargo bikes.

Insurance approved chain lock