New Year’s resolution: More exercise


How long did you keep your New Year’s resolution?

If you are one of those who went into January with great ambitions to change your habits, you are certainly not alone. Millions of people have the same desire to change something, and for many it is about more exercise, losing weight and getting in better shape.

BUT… many give up their intentions before the month is over. In fact, a survey shows that the New Year’s resolution for many, who want more exercise, will be abandoned exactly on January 19th!
The study is from Strava, which is an exercise app, with millions of users, primarily runners and cyclists. At the beginning of January, the app experiences increased activity every year, right up until 19 January. Here, the clear picture shows that the newly acquired habits are abandoned and the activity is declining.
Source: Runners World

Did you also have a desire for more exercise?

… And is the motivation also gone again? Motivation is what is the hardest to maintain, and the art is to keep it up. Often it disappear as we have set too high goals and realistically can not live up to them.
Our advice is to make it easy for yourself. Do not set a goal of having to run 20 km three times a week. Few will be able to comply with this. And lack of success is rarely what motivates one to keep going.
At Amcargobikes, we have given up the car, and thus naturally experience that we move more in everyday life. With our electric cargo bike, we get far and wide, and get many new experiences.
An electric cargo bike is ideal for getting the whole family out for a ride. And if you want to get more exercise, there are plenty of options:
  • The bike ride can go to one of the many outdoor gyms. By using the app TGO Activate, you can find a gym and log, track and share your activity and wellbeing. Find it here: TGO. With over 1500 gyms it should be possible to find one near you.
  • If you would rather cycle long distances, Sustrans makes it easy to find a route on the National Cycle Network, which cover the whole country.
  • Experience the culture of your local area. With an electric cargo bike, it is easy to get around for more experiences. You have the option to bring food and drink, extra clothes or whatever you need and you do not have to worry about parking. For the larger cities, there are apps that provide an overview of experiences. See e.g. local tips here: The Culture Trip App.
    It may not provide the best exercise, but moving a little is better than nothing 🙂  And remember; the battery can always be switched off on an electric cargo bike.

Keep your motivation up

One of the many benefits of going out with the family is that you are more about keeping your motivation up. According to Strava, if you do it with others, you are more likely to keep exercising. And the family is, at this time, the most corona-friendly group to be in.
Then give your family a gift that benefits you all: Experiences with movement and fresh air. It’s spring in a little while 🙂
We recommend our Ultimate Curve, which is delivered 100% assembled and ready to go. The electric bike is in “Slim design”, and with the new Anti-Tilt system. With this bike it becomes difficult to choose the couch, rather than a bike ride!
Electric Cargo Bike – Ultimate Curve