How fast does an electric cargo bike ride?

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The first time you get on an electric cargo bike, you may be a little startled! It can drive quite fast! But how fast does an electric cargo bike actually ride? And how fast can it run?

An electric cargo bike is a safe vehicle, but since it has three wheels instead of two, it may require a little getting used to before you are completely familiar with it. See our guide: ‘‘Good advice for you who are new to cargo cycling” (danish).
An electric cargo bike has a motor, that assists the person riding it. This means that it is not the engine that alone determines how fast you drive. If the driver doesn’t step on the pedals, the bike will slowly stop. There are many different electric cargo bikes, but common to them all is that they must follow the law. UK legislation states that the engine may assist up to 15.5mph. Above this, the engine will switch off, but you can achieve a higher speed on your own.

So the answer to How fast does an electric cargo bike ride? is a maximum of 15.5mph + your own leg power = ?

However, remember the safety before giving it full throttle!
There are electric bikes that can ride faster, but the limit for cargo bikes is 15.5mph. A Speed Pedelec is similar to a regular electric bike, but can ride much faster. It must provide engine assistance up to 28mph, when you step on the pedals. The rules when driving a Speed ​​Pedelec are similar to the rules for driving a moped. Read more at Electric Bike Rules.
No matter what electric bike you ride, remember that you can ride much faster than other cyclists. An electric bicycle does not make noise, such as a moped, and thus others can not hear you coming driving. It can surprise both fellow cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. It can be difficult to judge your speed correctly if you drive faster than you expect by a regular cyclist. You can also quickly become “speed blind” when you drive fast.
To avoid dangerous situations, always show consideration and adapt your speed to the conditions. Always remember to limit the speed when driving in heavy traffic, when approaching an intersection and when there are poor visibility conditions, etc.

So another answer to How fast does an electric cargo bike ride? is thus = no more than it is safe!